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Antonyms are words that have contrasting, or opposite, meanings. A word that has the exact opposite meaning of another word is its antonym. Like so much of the English language, “antonym” is rooted in the Greek language. The Greek word anti means opposite.

Since the English language is so complex, people may disagree about which words truly have opposite meanings. With the examples of antonyms listed below, we try to clear that up and offer some tactics for choosing the most appropriate word every time.

Antonyms Word Lists




Letter A

Word Antonyms
Abeyance Continuance
Abjure Espouse, Pledge
Above Below
Abrogate Institute, Enact
Absence Presence
Absent Present
Abstemious Self-Indulgent
Abstruse Obvious
Absurd Sensible
Abundant Scarce
Acarpous Fecund
Accept Decline, Refuse
Accidental Intentional
Accolade Disapprobation
Accurate Inaccurate
Accurate Inaccurate, Incorrect
Accuse Defend
Acerbity Sweetness
Achieve Fail
Acquiescence Rebellion
Acquit Convict
Acrimonious Harmonious
Adhere Detach
Admit Deny
Admonition Countenance
Adroit Unskillful, Awkward
Adulterate Purify
Adulteration Purification
Advance Retreat, Retire
Advantage Disadvantage
Adversity Prosperity
Affiliation Dissociation
Afoot Mounted
Afraid Confident
Aft Fore
After Before
Against For
Against For, Separate
Agile Awkward
Agony Ecstasy
Agree Disagree
Ahead Behind
Alacrity Hesitance And Reluctance, Slowness
Alien Native
Alienate Harmonize
Alive Dead
All None, Nothing
Alleviate Exacerbate, Worsen
Ally Enemy
Alone Together
Aloof Gregarious
Altruism Miserliness
Altruistic Selfish
Always Never
Amalgamate Separate, Isolate
Amass Separate
Ambiguous Clear
Amelioration Deterioration, Worsening
Amenable Intractable
Amicable Unfriendly
Amorphous Structured, Definite
Amplify Decrease, Simplify
Amuse Bore
Anathema Benediction, Blessing
Anathematize Bless
Ancient Modern
Ancillary Principal
Anemic Red-Blooded
Angel Devil
Anger Kindness
Anodyne Irritating Presence
Anomalous Usual
Anomaly Regularity
Anonymous Signed
Answer Question
Answer Question, Query
Antediluvian Modern
Antipathy Fondness
Antique Modern
Antithesis Similarity
Antonym Synonym
Antonym Word List
Apart Together
Aplomb Confusion
Apostate Loyalist
Appear Disappear, Vanish
Appease Agitate
Applaud Boo
Apposite Inappropriate
Apprehend Set Free
Approach Depart
Approached Receded, Departed
Approval Disapproval
Approve Disapprove
Approve Disapprove, Reject
Approximate Exact
Apropos Untimely
Aptitude Lack Of Talent
Archaic New
Arrant Partial
Arrhythmic Exhibiting Regularity
Arrival Departure
Arrive Depart
Arrogant Humble
Arrogant Polite
Artifical Natural
Artifice Sincerity, Candor
Artificial Natural
Artisan Unskilled Laborer
Artlessness Cunning
Ascend Descend
Ascend Descend, Go Down
Asceticism Indulgence
Aseptic Contaminated
Ashamed Proud
Askew Straight
Asleep Awake
Aspersions Flattery
Assent Refuse
Asset Liability
Assuage Worsen
Assuaged Unsatisfied
Asteroid Large Planet
Astute Foolish
Attack Defend
Attack Defense, Defend
Attention Inattention
Attenuate Thicken
Attic Cellar
Attractive Repulsive
Attractive Repulsive, Replusive
Atypical Normal
Aunt Uncle
Authentic Bogus, Imitation
Autonomous Dependent
Avarice Generosity, Altruism
Aver Deny
Aversion Affinity
Avid Loath
Avoid Seek
Awake Asleep
Awful Wonderful
Awry Straight
Aye Nay

Letter B

Word Antonyms
Backhand Forehand
Backward Forward
Backward Forward, Onward
Bad Good
Baffle Clarify
Bald Hairy
Baleful Beneficent
Balm Irritant
Banal Original
Bane Blessing
Baneful Salubrious, Nonpoisonous
Beatific Impish
Beautiful Ugly
Bedizen Strip Bare
Bedlam Order
Before After
Beg Offer
Begin End
Beginning Ending, End
Behind Infront
Belated On Time
Belief Doubt
Belittle Magnify
Below Above
Bend Straighten
Beneath Above
Benevolent Miserly
Benign Malignant
Benignity Evilness
Benison Curse
Bent Straight
Bent Straight, Ineptitude
Berate Eulogize
Berserk Sane
Best Worst
Bestial Noble
Better Worse, Worst
Big Little, Small
Billingsgate Acclaim
Bitter Sweet
Black White
Blame Praise
Blanch Darken
Bland Spicy
Blandishment Criticism
Blas� Ardent
Bless Curse
Blithe Grave
Blunt Sharp
Boisterous Peaceful
Bold Meek, Timid
Bolster Undermine, Decrease Support Of
Bombast Simple Speech
Boorish Suave
Boring Interesting
Born Die
Borrow Lend
Bottom Top
Bound Unbound, Free
Boundless Limited
Boy Girl
Boycott Patronize
Brackish Sweetish
Brave Cowardly
Brave Cowardly, Scared
Bravery Cowardice
Break Fix
Bright Dim, Dull
Brighten Fade
Brindled Of Uniform Color
Broad Narrow
Brook Refuse To Tolerate
Brother Sister
Bucolic Urban
Build Destroy
Build Destroy, Demolish
Bulge Shrink
Burnish Dull
Buy Sell

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