Antonyms Word Lists with letter C,D,E

Antonyms are words that have contrasting, or opposite, meanings. A word that has the exact opposite meaning of another word is its antonym. Like so much of the English language, “antonym” is rooted in the Greek language. The Greek word anti means opposite.

Since the English language is so complex, people may disagree about which words truly have opposite meanings. With the examples of antonyms listed below, we try to clear that up and offer some tactics for choosing the most appropriate word every time.

Antonyms Word Lists



Letter A

Word Antonyms
Cadge Earn
Calligraphy Scribbling
Callow Experienced, Sophisticated
Calm Windy, Troubled
Calm Windy, Troubled, Agitated
Calumniate Vindicate
Camaraderie Animosity
Can Cannot, Can’T
Candid Secretive
Capable Incapable
Capacious Not Spacious
Capitulation Resistance
Capricious Steadfast
Captious Tolerant
Captive Free
Captivity Freedom, Liberty
Capture Liberate
Careful Careless
Careful Careless, Rush
Careless Careful
Carnal Spiritual
Carnivorous Vegetarian
Carousal Sobriety
Carping Acquiescent
Carte Blanche Restriction
Cash Credit
Catalyze Inhibit
Catch Throw
Catholic Narrow
Caucus Conspiracy
Cautious Careless
Cease Begin
Celerity Delay
Celibate Married
Cellar Attic
Censure Praise
Centrifugal Centripetal
Centripetal Centrifugal
Certain Uncertain
Cessation Beginning
Chaffing Serious
Changed Same
Chaos Order
Chaotic Orderly
Chary Foolhardy
Chaste Impure, Wanton
Chasten Reward
Cheap Expensive
Cheap Expensive, Dear
Cheerful Sad, Discouraged, Dreary
Chide Praise
Chill Warm
Chimerical Realistic, Not Fantastic
Choleric Good-Natured, Coolheaded
Churlish Polite, Gracious
Circuitous Direct
City Country
Civilian Military
Clandestine Overt
Clear Cloudy, Opaque
Clear Cloudy, Opaque, Vague
Clemency Unmerciful Treatment
Clever Stupid
Clever Stupid, Foolish
Clich� Novelty
Clockwise Counterclockwise
Clockwise Counterclockwise, Anti-Clockwise
Close Far, Distant
Closed Ajar, Open
Cloudy Sunny
Clumsy Graceful
Cluster Scatter
Clutter Tidy
Coagulate Dissipate
Coax Coerce
Cogent Unconvincing, Fatuous
Cognizance Ignorance
Cognizant Ignorant
Cognoscitive Unconscious
Cohesion Independence
Cold Hot
Collect Scatter
Colloquial Polished
Comatose Alert
Combine Separate
Come Go
Comedy Tragedy
Comfort Discomfort
Comic Tragic
Comity Discord
Commodious Limited, Cramped
Common Rare
Compatible In Disagreement With
Compendious Verbose
Complacency Dissatisfaction
Complain Approve
Complaisance Churlishness
Complete Incomplete
Complex Simple
Compliant Adamant
Comply Resist
Compound Separate
Compulsory Voluntary
Conceal Reveal
Concede Deny
Conciliate Quarrel
Concur Dissent, Protest
Condemn Praise
Condign Inadequate, Undeserved
Condone Denounce, Censure
Conduce Counteract
Confident Insecure
Conform Not Hew To
Confuse Clarify
Conjecture Certainty
Conquer Fail
Consider Ignore
Console Aggravate Grief
Contamination Purification
Contemplated Random
Contiguity Remoteness
Contract Expand
Convivial Unsociable
Conviviality Animosity
Convoke Forgive, Adjourn
Cool Warm
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Correct Incorrect, Wrong
Corroborate Controvert
Corroboration Lessening Of Certainty
Counterclockwise Clockwise
Country City
Courage Cowardice
Courteous Discourteous, Rude
Coward Hero
Cowardice Courage
Cowardly Brave
Cower Brazenly Confront
Coy Bold
Cozen Treat Honestly
Crabbed Sweet-Tempered
Crass Refined
Craven Brave
Crazy Sane
Create Destroy
Crooked Straight
Cruel Kind
Cry Laugh
Cryptic Candid
Cudgel Caress
Cunning Simple
Cupidity Generosity, Altruism
Current Obsolete
Curse Bless
Cursory Detailed, Thorough
Curtail Lengthen
Cynical Trusting

Letter D

Word Antonyms
Dainty Clumsy
Danger Safety
Dangerous Safe
Dank Dry
Dark Light
Dastard Hero
Daughter Son
Dauntless Weak, Timid
Dawn Dusk
Day Night
Daytime Nighttime
Dead Alive
Death Life
Debacle Complete Success
Debilitate Strengthen
Debility Strength
Debonair Awkward
Decant Slosh Out
Decline Accept, Increase
Declivity Upward Slope
Decorous Improper, Unseemly
Decrease Increase
Decrepit Youthful
Decry Condone
Deep Shallow
Defalcate Use Money Held In Trust Properly
Defeat Victory
Defection Joining
Deference Contempt
Defile Purify
Definite Indefinite
Delete Insert
Deleterious Harmless
Demand Supply
Demise Birth
Denunciation Eulogy
Deny Admit
Depart Arrive
Deposition Process Of Eroding
Depravity Goodness
Depredation Restoration
Deranged Sane
Derisive Laudatory
Derogatory Praising
Descend Ascend
Desecrate Consecrate
Desiccate Inundate, Drench
Despair Hope
Destitute Affluent, Wanton
Destroy Create
Destroy Build, Create
Desuetude Use
Desultory Systematic
Deterioration Improvement
Devoid Full Of
Devout Impious
Diabolical Seraphic
Diatribe Praise
Different Same
Differentiate Combine
Diffidence Boldness
Dilate Narrow
Dilation Contraction
Dilatory Expediting
Dilettante Professional
Dim Bright
Diminution Appreciation
Dirty Clean
Disabuse Deceive
Disadvantage Advantage
Disagree Agree
Disappear Appear
Disapprove Approve
Disarm Put On Guard
Discern Overlook
Discomfort Comfort
Disconsolate Joyous
Discontinue Continue
Discourage Encourage
Discrete Continuous
Disease Health
Diseased Healthy
Disgrace Honor
Disheveled Tidy
Dishonest Honest
Disingenuous Naive
Disinterested Prejudiced
Disjointed Connected, Orderly
Disloyal Loyal
Dismal Cheerful
Disobedient Obedient
Disorder Order
Disparage Eulogize
Disputatious Conciliatory
Disqualified Qualified
Disrupt Join Together
Dissatisfied Satisfied
Dissemble Behave Honestly
Dissipate Economize
Dissonance Concord
Dissonant Harmonious
Dissuade Exhort
Distend Diminish
Divide Unite
Divulge Keep Secret
Doctor Patient
Doff Don
Doleful Merry
Dolorous Happy
Dolt Clever Person
Doltish Clever
Dormant Alert
Down Up
Downstairs Upstairs
Downwards Upwards
Dreary Cheerful
Drivel Sense
Droll Humorless
Drunk Sober
Dry Moist, Wet
Ductility Brittleness
Dull Bright, Shiny
Dull Bright, Shiny, Clear
Dusk Dawn
Dwarf Giant
Dwindle Increase

Letter E

Word Antonyms
Early Late
East West
East West, West
Easy Hard, Difficult
Ebb Flow
Eclectic Dogmatic, Uniform
Economise Waste
Effluvia Desired Products
Effrontery Shyness, Deference
Egress Entrance
Elated Crestfallen
Elicit Stifle
Emaciated Stout
Emaciation Invigoration
Emancipate Enslave
Embellish Disfigure
Eminent Notorious
Emollient Irritating
Employer Employee
Empty Full
Encourage Discourage
End Begin, Start
End Begin, Start, Beginning
Endemic Pandemic
Enemy Ally
Enervate Invigorate, Fortify, Strengthen
Enigmatic Free Of Ambiguity, Easily Understood
Enmity Affection
Ennui Excitement
Ensconce Uncover
Ensemble Solo
Ensue Precede
Enter Exit
Entrance Exit
Ephemeral Eternal, Permanent
Equable Stormy
Equanimity Agitation
Equivocal Clear
Erratic Consistent
Ersatz Authentic
Erudite Ignorant
Eschew Welcome
Esoteric Generally Known
Ethereal Tangible
Eulogistic Critical
Euphonious Strident
Euphony Discord
Euphoria Discomfort
Evasive Frank
Even Odd
Evil Good
Evince Conceal
Exasperate Placate
Excited Calm
Exciting Dull
Exclude Include
Excoriate Praise, Soothe
Exculpate Attribute Guilt, Accuse
Execrable Excellent
Execrate Acclaim
Exhale Inhale
Exhibit Conceal
Exhort Dissuade
Exhume Inter
Exit Enter, Entrance
Exodus Entry
Exonerate Accuse
Exorbitant Moderate
Expand Contract
Expatiate Talk Briefly
Expensive Cheap, Inexpensive
Export Import
Expunge Perpetuate
Extant Destroyed, Lost Or Destroyed
Extemporaneous Rehearsed
Exterior Interior
External Internal
Extinguish Ignite
Extirpate Implant
Extraneous Essential
Extrinsic Inherent
Extrovert Introvert

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