Complete Notes on Child Development & Pedagogy for CTET and TET in English/Hindi

Child development and pedagogy Handwritten Notes, These handwritten notes are useful for- Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET), Teacher Eligibility Test (TET), Vyapam TET, Chhattisgarh Vyapam TET (CG TET), Madhya Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (MP TET) , Uttar Pradesh teacher eligibility test (UPTET), BPETET, JTET and other teaching exams 2019.

Child Development & Pedagogy is one of the Important subjects of CTET & State TET Exams. Most of the candidates are afraid of this section that it is just a myth that you cannot score well in the Child Development & Pedagogy section. In this article, we are sharing complete child development notes in Hindi & English language.

This is a very conceptual & Theoretical subject and students can score well in this section if have cleared all concept. In CTET & TET exam 30 question asked from the Child development and pedagogy section.

Child Development & Pedagogy Notes (English & Hindi):

Note Related to Child Development:

  • Child development Notes on Intelligence theories
  • Concept of Development
  • Basic Concept of CDP
  • Aspect of CDP
  • Socialization processes
  • Important Theories of Child development
  • Notes on Gender as a social construct
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Child-Centred and Progressive Education
  • Child development Notes on Special Needs
  • Child Development Notes on Learning Disabilities
  • Short Notes on Learning Development Theories
  • Motivational Learning
  • Children Thinking
  • Method of Teaching
  • मानव जीवन की अवस्थाएं (Stages of human life)
  • बाल विकास के सिद्धांत (Child Development Theories
  • बुद्धि निर्माण एवं बहुआयामी बुद्धि (Intelligence building and multi-dimensional intelligence)
  • बुद्धि के सिद्धांत (Theories of intelligence)
  • बुद्धि लब्धि एवं उसका मापन (Intelligence and measurement)
  • बुद्धि का परीक्षण (Tests of Intelligence )
  • बुद्धि परीक्षण के प्रकार (Types of intelligence test)
  • बुद्धि परीक्षण के गुण या विशेषताएं (IQ test properties or features)
  • व्यक्तित्व की अवधारणा एवं अर्थ (The concept and meaning of personality)
  • व्यक्तित्व के प्रकार (Types of personality)
  • व्यक्तित्व का मापन (Measurement of personality)
  • चिंतन एवं प्रकार (Tyes of thinking)
  • कल्पना की परिभाषा एवं कल्पना के प्रकार (The definition and the type of imagination)
  • तर्क(Argument)
  • अधिगम का अर्थ एवं अधिगम से संबंधित सिद्धांत (Principles related to meaning of learning )
  • व्यवहारवाद के नियम (Rules of behaviorism)
  • व्यवहारवाद एवं संतान वाद का सिद्धांत (Theory of behaviorism)
  • अंतर्दृष्टि या सूक्ष्म का सिद्धांत (Theory of insight or astronomy)
  • संज्ञानात्मक विकास का सिद्धांत (Theory of cognitive development)
  • भाषा तथा विचार (Language and thought)
  • अधिगम स्थानांतरण के सिद्धांत ( Principles of Learning Transfer )
  • अभिप्रेरणा या अभिप्रेरण (Motivation)
  • अभिप्रेरणा के स्रोत (Sources of motivation)
  • रुचि (Interest)
  • स्मृति (Memory)
  • व्यापक मूल्यांकन (comprehensive assessment)
  • सतत मूल्यांकन (continuous evaluation)

Child Development & Pedagogy is one of the Important subjects of CTET & State TET Exams.  We will provide Complete Hand Written Notes of Child Psychology in Hindi and English Language for TET & CTET. This is the best study material for upcoming Teaching Exams like DSSSB, CTET and different states TET exam. In this PDF we include previous year questions and we cover all topics of Child Development and Pedagogy. By reading these notes students easily got good percentage in Child Development section.

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