Growth and Development

Dsssb Prt Notes,Dsssb Prt Psychology In Hindi,Notes For Ctet,Psychology For Dsssb Prt ExamGrowth and Development is the one of the main topic of psychology. Growth and Development both are different concept but both are inter-related with each other. Growth is dependent on development and Development is dependent on growth.


Growth is start from pre-birth or in the womb of mother and goes till maturity i.e. 16 years in female and 18 years in male. Growth is divided into parts of inner growth and outer growth.Inner growth goes from 0 to 9 months 12 days and outer growth goes from birth to maturity . Growth has maximum impact of heredity. Human body has 46 chromosomes, we can say that 23 pairs of chromosomes where we divide it into 22+1 .1(sex chromosomes) which decides the gender of a child. Growth is a quantitative and not qualitative.


Development is a vast concept. It covers all round development of a child i.e. Physical change, mental change, social and moral change and linguistic change. Development is a life-long process and never stops it goes from pre-birth till death. It is also a continuous and comprehensive process. Development has maximum impact of environment as compare to heredity. It is both process and product.

Difference between Growth and Development :

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MCQ for Growth and Development

1. Development is related with
2. Development starts from
3. Development is not
4. Physical growth and development is defined as
5. Growth
6. Which of the following is not correct for growth
7. Growth relates to


Answers are

1. a

2. a

3. b

4.  a

5. b

6. a

7. b

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