Learning Difficulties, Disorder, Paralysis

Types of Learning Difficulties

  1. Dyslexia/Dislexia =  This is related to Reading Problem
  2. Dysgraphia =  Problem related to Writing Skill
  3. Discalculia = Problem related to Calculations
  4. Dyspraxia = Problem in fine motor skill
  5. Dysfunctional = Unable to deal with Social relation
  6. Dysthymia = Problem related to bones
  7. Dysphasia/Aphasis = Problem of understanding of language
  8. Dyslexmia = Person is unable to identify words like was or saw

Forms of paralysis

     1. Monoplesia     =   Affects just one limb , either one hand or one leg

     2. Paraplesia = Affects both legs or both hands

     3. Hemiplesia= Affects either left hand and left leg or right hand and right leg

     4. Quadriplesia  =  Affects both hands and both legs.




Developmental disorder or Neuro disorder that begins early in childhood and lasts throughout a person’s life.



  • Reasons – Heredity, Not properly working of Nervous system.
  • Symptoms — Problem in communications, Problem in making social relationship, Problem with any particular thing.

Types of Autism

1.  Classical Autism -> Symptoms at low level

2. Asperger’s Autism -> Symptoms at high level

2 April ->World Autism Awareness Day

Nick name of Autism is Blue and mainly found in boys


Repeat noises and phrases unnecessarily that they hear. It is also a disorder.


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