List of National Birds of different Countries

National Symbols represents the culture and tradition of a country in symbolic form. Most of the countries are better known from their symbols rather than the country itself.

List of National Birds in Different Countries :



National Bird

Afghanistan Eagle
Argentina Rufous Hornero
Australia Emu
Austria Barn Swallow
Bangladesh Oriental Magpie Robin
Barbados Brown Pelican
Belgium Common Kestrel
Bermuda Bermuda Petrel
Bhutan Common Raven
Bolivia Condor
Brazil Macaw
Chile Condor
China Red Crowned Crane
Colombia Andean Condor
Cuba Cuban Trogon
Denmark Mute Swan
England European Robin
Finland Whooper Swan
France Gallic Rooster
Germany White-tailed Eagle
Hungary Saker Falcon
India Peacock
Indonesia Javan Hawk Eagle
Iraq Chukar Partridge
Ireland Lapwing
Israel Hoopoe
Japan Green Pheasant
Jordan Sinai Rosefinch
Malaysia Rhinoceros Hornbill
Mexico Golden Eagle
Myanmar Burmese Peacock
New Zealand Kiwi
Norway Goldcrest
Pakistan Chukar
Philippines Philippine Eagle
Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Spindalis
Romania Great White Pelican
Russia Golden Bicephalic Eagle
Scotland Golden Eagle
Singapore Crimson Sunbird
South Africa Blue Crane
South Korea Korean Magpie
Spain Spanish Imperial Eagle
Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl
Taiwan Formosan blue magpie
United States of America Bald Eagle
Zimbabwe African Fish Eagle

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